Alliance Newsletters

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March 2021

Summer of Play; Outdoor Adventurous Play as an Antidote to Anxiety; avoiding 'catch-up narrative'; screen time concerns and more.

December 2020

Play Things, Arts for Resilience, Screen time during covid, Developing Connection and more

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October 2020

Do children NEED to go to School?; education in Brazil; a tribute to Ken Robinson, the importance of movement; music and the voices of children in India; books and more

May 2020

The value of boredom; advice comments and support for parents, playworkers and teachers and more

April 2020

Loose Parts, Pros and Cons of Technology and Gaming, Play Well Exhibition and more 

October 2019

Memorials to Joan Almon, Loose Parts Play, Children and Technology and more

April 2019

London Forum 8 Report, two approaches to building resilience, film reviews, books and more

January 2019

Shaping urbanisation for children, Tackling Gangs & Youth Crime The Positive Way, Lovespace at RichMix and more.

August 2018

What is happening to our young people?, Age-Appropriate Design Code, ChildFair State 

February 2018

Erica Komisar, London Forum, Child in the City Seminar

October 2017

News from the GLA, The Science of Religiosity or Spirituality in our Life

July 2017

The Return of Play; The Old Tidemill Garden; The Quality of Childhood

March 2017

Consultation on government white paper on housing

December 2016

World Play Week 2017,  Dates for your Diary