Partner websites from around the world...

Today the web is our way to ensure we can reach many National and International partners - here are just a few...


Nature Play

The Nature Play website holds details of where group sessions are held, along with a wealth of information and resources on how to support child-led play for parents, caregivers and educators..... READ MORE

Save Childhood Movement

Launched in 2013, the movement consists of a growing collaboration of individuals and organisations that share a deep concern about this erosion. It aims to identify and highlight those areas of most concern, to protect children from inappropriate developmental and cultural pressures and to fight for their natural developmental rights.... READ MORE


Too much too soon

The members and supporters of the Save Childhood Movement's 'Too Much Too Soon' Campaign believe that children in England are starting formal learning too early... READ MORE


Mothers at home Matter

Mothers At Home Matter (MAHM) is run by volunteers. We have 3 core campaigning aims that, to put it simply, centre around the following: Our Children - A Geniune Family freindly system - Mothers ... READ MORE


Playing Out

A resource for anyone who wants children to be able to play out in the streets where they live....CLICK HERE


Partners -Relief and Development

In Burma, more than one million farmers and their children have had their homes and villages destroyed. Many are hungry, sick and in hiding. We help by providing food, medicine, emergency supplies, and solutions to poverty...CLICK HERE


Children now - CA based

Children Now’s mission is to find common ground among influential opinion leaders, interest groups and policymakers, who together can develop and drive socially innovative, “win-win” approaches to helping all children achieve their full potential. (based in California) ........CLICK HERE


Safer Media - UK

Safermedia is a charity working to protect children and the vulnerable from media harm.... CLICK HERE


The Centre for Child Mental Health - UK

At the Centre for Child Mental Health we totally understand the challenging task of enabling troubled children and young people to thrive.Our aim is to support you with vital skills, underpinned by the latest research from psychology and brain science....





Sue Palmer writes and speaks about child development and education in the modern world... CLICK HERE


Children's Commissioner for Wales

Championing the rights of children and young people in Wales..... CLICK HERE


Give us back our game

In a world where children can no longer play outside without supervision, parents and coaches seems to have taken over. We are concerned that the beautiful game of football is in decline....CLICK HERE


Right from the start

Working to bring about desperately needed changes for families in an increasingly peaceless and self-harming society. Our underlying purpose is to respond to the increasing alienation, loneliness and insecurity in many children’s lives...CLICK HERE


What about the Children?

Research confirms that a child's experience in the first three years of life shape its future - out of all proportion to the rest of childhood - raising awareness about the never-changing emotional needs of children in our ever-changing society....CLICK HERE    



I CAN is the children’s communication charity. We are experts in helping children develop the speech, language and communication skills they need to thrive in a 21st century world...CLICK HERE


SOS Childrens Villiages worldwide

Together with our supporters, we help the world’s most vulnerable children and families......CLICK HERE


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