The magic of Childhood, the Voice of Youth and the Vision of Society.


“Do you believe in fairies?” asks Peter Pan as Tinkerbell lies dying. Only the answer ‘yes’ can bring her back to life.

It is well known that young children believe in the existence of fairies and for them the land of Tinkerbell and fairy tales is a reality. What happens to that belief as the child grows through youth to adulthood? Perhaps we are doing our children a disservice when later in
life we assume that magic no longer exists for them.

In ancient cultures, as in tribal cultures today, children were supported through key stages of their development by their community offering Rights of Passage, ceremonies and group support. The Elders of the Community played a crucial role in this, passing on wisdom and traditions, actively providing opportunities for boys to become men and for girls to take their place in society as young women.




The Inspiring Youth project aims to bring together people from all over the world who are passionate about working with children and “older” young people (teenagers and young adolescents) and young people themselves


our initiative:

Our initiative is open to anyone who is interested. We wish to invite people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds and a variety of views and schools of thought to connect, exchange ideas, support each other, allowing people to connect to others and putting like-minded people in touch with each other.





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