our ambitions:


Support family life
The activities of the alliance promote and support family life, in all its forms, so that children grow up and develop in a secure and stable home environment.

Promote a developmentally appropriate Early Years curriculum
Creative play and self-directed activities give children a sound basis for life-long learning and promote healthy emotional and social growth.

Work for better physical and emotional health for children
Parents, educators and health care professionals can optimise their support for children by collaborating with each other and sharing their experiences.

Fight poverty and neglect in all forms
Many children suffer poverty, neglect, abuse and discrimination, undermining the basic human right to a nurtured childhood.

Question the role of electronic media in child development
Over-exposure to television, computers and video games adversely affects children's physical, emotional, social and mental development. By sharing experiences, parents and educators can work together to offer children a creative and healthy balance.

Highlight the dangers of commercialism aimed at children
Children need to be protected from the manipulation of hard selling and advertising until they are mature enough to make informed choices.

Improve childcare facilities
If parents need childcare, it should be affordable and appropriate, providing a quality, caring environment with activities tailored to each child's developmental needs.

If you wish to work with or receive more information about the Alliance for Childhood in the UK please become an Alliance Partner.

The Alliance for Childhood is funded by donations.




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