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Every month we will upload new publications that are out on the market that have an association to the Alliance or any relevant books that we feel should be your next purchase. Please do scroll through all our  BOOKS TO BUY pages for any other inspirational reads.

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The Case for Home Schooling: free range home education handbook


Anna Dusseau


 As many families choose to continue with homeschooling post-lockdown, this timely handbook offers ‘a treasure chest’ of home education resources. Anna Dusseau, a teacher turned home educator, explores how children learn, the benefits of home education and of school, and addresses key questions, with 101 homeschooling activities. 

Improving Children’s Health through Play: Exploring Issues and Recommendations


A collaboration between the Alliance for Childhood and the US Play Coalition 2018

Decades of research have shown that play is an important mediator in the physical, social, cognitive, and language development of young children. In spite of this, play faces threats from many directions in modern American life.

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Making Simple Needle Felts

Inspiring Seasonal Projects 

Hawthorn Press  have just published a new book by local artist Steffi Stern, of The Makers, the popular Nailsworth shop for felting equipment and workshops. 

After the success of Making Needle Felted AnimalsSteffi Stern brings her inimitable energy and enthusiasm to her second book Making Simple Needle Felts. Intended as a back-to-basics guide to making needle-felted objects, each project includes clear steps and photos, and Steffi also instructs the reader on basic techniques that will help them to make many other projects as well.


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Movement: your child's first language

Sally Goddard Blyth 

with music by Michael Lazarev


A fully-updated second edition of Wings of Childhood. With new information carefully added, this book explores the benefits of movement and music in the early years. It gives you a clear understanding of the theory behind this, so that one can make informed parental/guardian choices, and also includes practical activities and two CDs which feature action-stories, and music by Dr Michael Lazarev.

Britain's Betrayal of Childhood

Al Aynsley-Green

With provocative insight and based on an illustrious 40-year career in public office, Sir Al Aynsley-Green demands to know why outcomes for the UK’s children for health, education, social care, youth justice and poverty remain among the worst in the developed world. He draws global comparisons and offers astute observations of the realities of being a young person in Britain today, to show how government policies have been shamefully failing children on a grand scale. 


Prioritising the need to support and inspire all children, including those with disability or disadvantage, and to design services around their needs, Sir Al puts forward a brave and timely alternative for the UK. By building local communities, shifting national attitudes, and confronting barriers between sectors, he presents a fresh and realistic road map that can enable new generations of children to be as healthy, educated, creative and resilient as they can be, equipped with the confidence and skills they need to lead happy and successful lives. 


A must-read for those engaged in children’s services, policy and parenting in the UK, Sir Al confronts the obstacles and attitudes faced by young people today with tact, honesty and compassion, to offer his vision of a society in which each and every child is valued.

Improving the Quality of Childhood in Europe, Volume 7

Alliance for Childhood


The chapters in the book have been written by authors of seven different nationalities. Each author looks at the subject of children and childhood from a different perspective and together they provide the reader with a rich kaleidoscope of new insights, new ideas for action and new prompts for forming alliances with other parties to bring about the necessary change. Every author’s biographical data can be found after each chapter. The British and American English spelling may vary in this book depending on the background of the author. All chapters can be downloaded from the website: