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Our Mission

Principles and Values


The aims of the Alliance for Childhood are inspired by a Charter of Principles drawn up by the International Joint Alliance Working Group in New York in 1999, at the beginning of the movement, which was founded in Forest Row, UK in 1997. The basis of this document is childhood, the real needs of children and their rights.


The view of childhood which stands behind these principles is symbolised by the Alliance logo: the sun.


The sun gives light, warmth and life. For the Alliance, childhood is also light that reveals and illuminates; warmth that welcomes and humanises; and life that is nurtured and constantly recreated.


Our Mission


To raise awareness in society of the importance of a good and healthy childhood, promoting the development of human beings able to build a society based on a culture of peace, environmental sustainability and respect for all differences.












The spirit of childhood needs protection and care, for it is an essential part of the life of every human being.


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Advisor Group

Sally Jenkinson

Advisor and

Costantino Giorgetti


Dr Peter Grunewald

London Integrated Clinic
UK Co-ordinator
London Core Group

Marion Briggs

From right to left:

Elsa Rossi

Sylvia Morgado

Marie Williams

Emma Stow

Marion Briggs

Clara Rocha

International Group

Back Row, left to right:

Rosa Schoenmaker, Brazil; Clara Aerts, Belgium; Marion Briggs UK; Michiel Matthes, European Network Group founder

Front Row, left to right:

Joan Almon, US, co-founder; Christopher Clouder, UK, co-founder; Ute Craemer, Brazil founder