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As a first step, we are organising a series of talks at Rudolf Steiner House in London, where people will be invited to speak about innovative work with young people and we’ll hear from young people themselves...

GRANDPARENTS:The relationship between grandparent and grandchild is a special one. It can be life changing to experience the birth of a first grandchild. We explored this relationship in conversation with Louise Coe and Sally Jenkinson on Wednesday, 13 January 2016.

Read Sally’s essay on being a grandparent: click here

THE SILENT SCREAM: The Lancet medical journal in the UK is the first population-based study to follow a group of self-harming adolescents over time, charting the course of their self-harm habit into adulthood. Led by Loraine Doherty.

Read the article: Self-harm alarm

TRANSITIONS - rights of passage in contemporary life:

The ‘Peter Pan generation’ is the name given to a group of 25 to 40-yearolds who exist in a state of extended adolescence, avoiding the trappings of responsibility — marriage, work, children — for as long as possible. We discuss what can give a sense of passing from adolescence to adulthood? What support can young people expect in that other transition stage, from childhood to adolescence?

 led by Marion Briggs at:

The Rudolf Steiner House, London, NW1 6XT London

Wednesday 9th March 1900-2100.


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