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Big picture: learning through landscapes:

Playtime is an important aspect of everyday life for most school-aged children. As well as an opportunity for fun, the free for-all of the playground is a challenging environment that provides opportunity for cognitive, social and physical development.


Guidance for outdoor sports and play:

The guidance has been produced to reflect a new planning policy landscape and clearly identifies benchmarks within the current policy framework


Stop stealing childhood in the name of education:

Maggie Dent discusses returning play to its rightful place


Why adolescents are more impatient than adults:

Would you rather have €20 now or €50 in a month? Adolescents faced with this question often yield to the impulse to take the immediate reward rather than waiting for the bigger one.






The science of why music improves our memory and verbal intellegence:

The notion that musical training can have positive effects on cognitive functions other than music has long been a source of interest






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