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As a first step, we are organising a series of talks at Rudolf Steiner House in London, where people will be invited to speak about innovative work with young people and we’ll hear from young people themselves...


Imelda Almqvist and some of “The Time Travellers” spoke about her shamanic programme for children and teenagers. About giving young people a spiritual toolkit for life, that honours their free will and innate connection to Spirit. Imelda also talked about initiation, the need for rites of passage and how the “archetype of the sacred warrior’ can compel young people to join fundamentalist or terrorist organisations. She was joined by members of the Time Travellers Group who spoke about their experiences there. On Wednesday 21st October 2015.


LA-based film maker Hannah Beadman recently made a film about the Time Travellers Group doing shamanic work on the issue of bullying: https://vimeo.com/138086974 [removed]

mediation and compassion

Judith Bogner and Imelda Almqvist presented a thought-provoking evening on the question: what can we learn from professional mediation techniques, learning compassion and healing conflict and divisions in both our personal relationships and in our larger culture? We worked through a practical exercise together to experience a mediation process first hand. Wednesday 2 December 2015


Judith on Mediation -

“Mediation is as old as the story of mankind. It is found in American tribal cultures, Celtic societies, ancient China and many other part of the Earth. I’m passionate about mediation because it works. It allows parties involved in a conflict to move beyond the history and the numbers. Through a simple yet powerful process around a confidential conversation the human beings behind the disagreement are seen, heard and called to actively participate in finding a solution that works for everyone around the table. Mediation allows sacred space for compassion, creativity and closure that may not be found in a courtroom. I see my role as mediator as being the bridge between those around the table. I hold the space, I facilitate the communication. I'm there to serve, free of judgment or expectation. No matter what the topic of the dispute may be, there is always potential for resolution - with a legally binding outcome that benefits all involved.”

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