where do children play?

An International Play Day

Venue -  anywhere children like to play; in your street,

in the woods, in an adventure playground.


Would you like to join?

The 20th November is Universal Children's Day, the anniversary of the signing of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which sates that children have a right to play (Article 31) and that they have a the right to be heard (Article 12).

We invite you to join us on Sunday 20th November 2016 in an international activity that celebrates the signing of the convention. Children all over the world will go out to play and to tell us what they enjoy most. You will join children and adults around the world in this celebration


what you can do



You can help organise a play day in your community for the children who are closest to you. It can be in a morning, afternoon or a day for children to play. Create time and free play, unstructured play in the adventure playgrounds, parks, fields, woodland, streets or alternatively in spaces for games, music, visual arts, theatre, dance,circus, reading or storytelling. Whatever the weather, children love to play

our goal:



Our goal is to draw your awareness to the importance of play.

We want to bring attention to the impact and consequences of children

having less time for this activity during childhood int he world we live in now.

Children growing up today generally have far too little time or space for their own creative play. as a result we see in children decreasing levels of creativity as well as an inability to solve problems, work with others and meet life with resiliency. There is an urgent need to restore a healthy balance in the lives of 21st century children


The activities of this Play Day bring about a union of people of all ages and cultures; play is an end in itself; this day should promote play in all its forms: moments with different toys, board games, outdoor games and initiatives such as exhibitions, lectures, debates; promote the practice of playing in public and private spaces, institutions, schools, on the streets and in the family.

Ask the children


Ask the children to make a drawing of a place they would go to play. This is for children up to 12 years of all social backgrounds. Take a photo or scan this drawing and email it to the organiser, giving the first name and age of the child and the place they drew.

By sending this form and drawing I give consent to the drawing and the above information to be posted on the Alliance for Childhood UK and International websites and to be used anonymously for research purposes to provide an overview of where children worldwide like to play.



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