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The Loss of Childrens play: A Public Health Issue

Children's health - today and int he future - is a critical public health challenge. Physicians tell us that today's children will live shorter lives than their parents, while economists predict that the long-term costs of childhood obesity with be catastrophic.








Children and armed conflict:

UN General Assembly Security Council -

Armed conflict continued to have a disproportionate impact on children.......In 2013, the United Nations observed a significan spike in the killing and maiming of children in several situations....








By the United Nations

...'The study concludes that violence against children happens everywhere, in every country and society and across all social groups....'







Why parents should stop overprotecting Kids and let them play:

An interview with hara Estroff Marano & Lenore Skenazy






The decline of play and the Rise of Psychopathology in Children and Adolescents:

By Peter Gray

...'over the past half century, in the United States and other developed nations, children's free play with other children has declined sharply. Over the same period, anxiety, depression, suicide, feelings of helplessness and narcissism have increased sharply....'







The play return: A review of the wide impact of play initiatives:

By Tim Gill

...'The report looks at four types of intervention that each involve setting aside time and space for children to play....'










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